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The operation of Centre 81 is overseen by a board of trustees that includes members of the Skills and Activities Centre , carers and professional supporters with experience in business, finance, health, social services and marketing.

Karl Jermyn, Chair

Karl became involved with Centre 81 in 2008, using his experience as a chartered accountant to help us develop our financial expertise.

In September 2012 Karl was elected chair of the board of trustees and three months later formed the focus and delivery group, which was tasked with creating a new Centre 81 with the space and specialist facilities required to meet the needs of our members. Karl acknowledges that “this is an extraordinarily ambitious project but is one we’re determined to see realised. Our current premises are bursting at the seams”.

Under Karl’s chairmanship, the board operates within Charities Commission guidelines whilst underpinning Centre 81’s activity with a sound business foundation to ensure its future sustainability.

Steve Scott, Vice-Chair

Steve, who is managing director of TMS Media, a Great Yarmouth-based design and PR agency, was born in Yarmouth and trained as a journalist. He spent 14 years with the Eastern Daily Press, half of that time as a chief reporter. He left the company to go freelance (and to set up a wine company) and in 1989 formed TMS with art director Nick Marshall.

Steve has been a trustee of Centre 81 since 2012 and is vice-chairman of its board. He also serves on the officer trustees committee and on the focus and delivery group charged with delivering a new Centre 81.

Steve’s experience in communications and knowledge of print and digital media has helped Centre 81 to raise its profile locally and will play an important part in developing even greater awareness as fundraising begins in earnest for the new building.

John Solomon

John first got involved with Centre 81 in 2010 and started as a volunteer. Before that he had a career in the Civil Service in a position that would now be called a communications officer, attached to the Metropolitan Police.

He left the Civil Service to become self-employed, which included everything from teaching music to people with disabilities to running market stalls and busking in and around London.

John was self-employed for about 27 years but had to give up working when he was diagnosed with type two diabetes. He has been disabled all his life and brings to Centre 81 – both as a member and a trustee – empathy and understanding of some of the difficulties that people with disabilities have.

Linda Smith

Linda first became aware of Centre 81 in June 2006 when her son started attending the Skills and Activities Centre . As she realised the benefits that Centre 81 offered her and her family, Linda decided that she wanted to give something back to the organisation. Initially, this was on an informal basis by volunteering at various events.

In August 2008 Linda was elected as a carer representative trustee whilst continuing to volunteer her time and contribute to Centre 81’s local fundraising. Linda has long-standing connections with a great many people who live and work in the Great Yarmouth area and who have been encouraged by her to help with fundraising for Centre 81.

Linda enjoys the challenge posed by her role as a trustee and has found the rolling programme of trustee training invaluable in assisting her with developing the skills she needs.

Louise Jordan-Hall

Louise is lay vice-chair of Health East (Great Yarmouth and Waveney NHS Clinical Commissioning Group). She was vice-chair of NHS Norfolk and Waveney Cluster PCT and before that vice-chair of NHS GYW PCT.

She has chaired a number of committees and her personal experience as a carer is key to her person-centred approach to service delivery. She is chair of the Patient Safety and Quality Committee and the Cancer & End of Life Programme Board.

Louise has a masters degree in social and health policy and brings a wide range of chief officer experience from public sector work in social and health care, economic regeneration and governance.  She has significant experience in the third sector. Collaborative partnerships and community engagement are at the heart of her approach and will play a major part in Centre 81’s future plans.

Colin Brunsdon

Colin was born in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, and moved to Great Yarmouth following early retirement from the railways due to Ill health. He was employed as a train driver for 26 years, driving many different types of locomotives over routes north and south of London.

During his time as a train driver he was also his depot’s health and safety representative. He attended many training courses and meetings with management with a view to improving working conditions, maintaining a safe place of work and looking after the working interests of fellow drivers.

Colin, who became a member of Centre 81 in December 2012 and joined the board of trustees in September 2014, is looking forward to being a part the organisation’s exciting future and the ongoing plans.

Richard Packham

Richard retired in 2013 after a career in local government spanning 40 years. Half of that time was spent as Chief Executive of Great Yarmouth Borough Council, during which he developed a deep personal commitment to the town and its surrounding areas.

Joining the board of trustees at Centre 81 has given him an opportunity to use his local knowledge, experience and contacts as a way of putting something back into a community for which he holds a deep affection, working through an organisation that he has long admired.

Richard understands the need for trustees to provide support and challenge in equal measure. He has extensive experience of governance in the voluntary and charitable sector, having served as a trustee of Norfolk Community Foundation, Voluntary Norfolk, the Norfolk and Norwich Festival and Sea Change Arts, which he chairs. He hopes to contribute to the ongoing strengthening of governance within Centre 81 as it seeks to pursue its ambitious vision for the future.

Mark Everard

I am a director of Ovamill Ltd, a local construction company which was formed in 2005, employing more than 30 staff and working all over East Anglia.  My whole career has been in the construction industry and I have lived locally my entire life.

I have been an enthusiastic fundraiser for Centre 81.  My love of golf and long association with Gorleston Golf Club has enabled me to organise charity days and other fundraising events, which have been well supported by members and local organisations. The relationship with Centre 81 that resulted from this led me to being invited to become a trustee of the charity, which I was honoured to accept.

I am keen to use my experience of working successfully with teams to help Centre 81 realise its ambitions to improve the lives of its members.  A strong bond unites staff in all areas at Centre 81 and I am proud to be a cog in this well run organisation.

Sally Ward

I was born and live in Great Yarmouth.  For the majority of my life I have struggled with back issues and to a large extent my disability has been hidden.  In my mid thirties I started using a walking stick, 16 years later I was walking with crutches and in 2013 my health forced me to become reliant on a wheelchair.

In February 2014 I started at Centre 81.  The Centre has helped me realise that just because I am in a wheelchair I am no different to able bodied people.  When you are faced with having to sit in a wheelchair you become a non-person.  I am now more able to cope with being side lined by others when I am out and about in the community.

Centre 81 has given me a reason to carry on.  I now feel that I can live a useful life. It has also helped me to cope with the level of discrimination that I experience in the community.

I want to be involved, to use my brain and to give back to a place that gave me my life back. I can do this by supporting members, participating at trustee board meetings.  I am part of the interview panel and know I can through this make a difference.

I now enjoy and share my hobbies, enjoy being with my grandchildren. My life is now worthwhile.

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