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Whilst at Centre 81 members do not dwell on their disability or the problems this creates.  Instead they are generally upbeat and positive about life.  However some members do find it helpful to talk about the impact their disability has on their lives.  Others seek an opportunity to explore their past or ongoing current problems. With their agreement, we can arrange confidential counselling sessions at the centre. The purpose is not for members to come to terms with their disability but to think about and develop different ways of accommodating their disability so that they can life their life with their disability to the full.

All sessions are carried out by BACP registered independent counsellors. The focus of the first session will be establish an agreement between the Centre 81 member and the counsellor.  This will include potential number of sessions, a review of how the counselling is going and clarity about what areas fall outside the confidentiality agreement. Everything else that is discussed remains private between the Centre 81 member and counsellor.

Our team of friendly visiting counsellors are prepared to go beyond the mainstream service for members with severe communication problems. If it’s thought to be helpful, one of our staff will join the session in order to assist the communication and resulting understanding between the Centre 81 member and the counsellor.  The Centre 81 staff member’s role is to enhance the counsellors communication skills with specific Centre 81 members who find verbal communication challenging.  This unusual but proven three way communication provides clarity for all.  It assists with expressing feelings and/or concerns until the Centre 81 member and counsellor are comfortable and confident in working together.

Centre 81 members can also choose to attend occasional group counselling sessions where common issues and ideas can be shared for mutual benefit.

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