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Family members become carers in two different ways.  The most easily recognised by the carer and others is when the caring role is suddenly thrust upon them due to accident or trauma.  However for the majority of carers the role of caring is one that they gradually adapt to over a period of time.  Usually it is not until they experience a crisis or a well-earned break that they realise just how much of their time and thoughts are taken up with their caring role.

At the point where a potential Centre 81 member is referred to us the carer usually experiences a range of emotions.  They are grateful that at long last someone has recognised that they need a break however they are also concerned that others, whether these are professional advisors, family or friends, will consider that their need to have a break means that they have failed in their caring role.  This is not so!

Carers often need our help, support and understanding.

It is all too easy to overlook their needs. But at Centre 81 we make sure that their all important caring role is recognised and the carer receives full credit for the difficult role they fulfill.  As part of our support we can sign-post carers to a variety of organisations who will be able to offer guidance and practical support.  Centre 81 understands that some carers have lost their individuality, their interests and to a degree their self-worth.  At Centre 81 we aim to create opportunities for carers to have time and space to undertake what they want to do.  We do this by providing a level of care for the Centre 81 member that instills confidence in the carer.

The caring role can be demanding.  Many people give up an income, future employment prospects and pensions to care for their loved ones, while others have to juggle jobs with their caring responsibilities.

Centre 81 members spoke to an independant researcher about how Centre 81 has enabled them “to get their life back” since finding Centre 81.  They spoke about how life was difficult beforehand when they were providing all the care for their relatives but since finding Centre 81 and their relatives going to the centre and receiving support there, their lives had changed dramatically.

They said their relationships with family and friends had improved because they now experienced less anger and resentment.  They were happier.  Their self-confidence and self-worth had improved and they no longer felt trapped.  They were no longer isolated and had a life to themselves.  (David Elverson, Change Consultancy, Norwich)

Centre 81 is here to help those who care.

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